Getting an Estonian Bank Account

Visit this page and read the section about “registering a company” to determine whether you will need to contribute share capital in order to open your company.

If share capital is needed you may want to open a start-up account at an Estonian bank before registering your company. A start-up account is different from a regular or “current account” in that it cannot be used to make transfers or payments. The start up account exists primarily to receive share capital transferred to the corporation. Once your corporation has been registered, it can convert its start-up account into a “current account.”

You can open a start-up bank account at: 




For now, in order to open this bank account you will need to have a face-to-face meeting with a bank official. Bring your e-residency ID card with you to the bank and be prepared to explain why your company wants to open a bank account in Estonia.

Once you have a start-up bank account, you can register your company online at the Company Registration Portal. Click “Login” and then select “Submission of Application” from the blue top navigation bar. Select the type of company you wish to found. Prepare and sign the application and then pay the state fee and any share capital.

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