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  1. E-residents can bank with LHV, SEB, and Swedbank; more banking partners will be added soon. 
  1. Visit the bank office in person and apply for a bank account. The bank will want to know how you are connected to Estonia and how you plan to use the account. You will need to bring your e-residency card along.

Starting from the beginning of 2017 it will be possible to open up a bank account online with an e-residency card.

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    Yassine Lagrari

    Hello, I'm in possession of an e-resident card, I would like to open a bank account in Estonia but unfortunately I cannot go to Estonia at the moment. You said that it was soon possible to open a bank account from abroad (Autumn), but it turns out that the winter is fast approaching ... Could you tell me the exact date of the launch please ? If necessary keep me running...
    Thank you very much,

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    Ali El Bousklaoui

    Hi i am actually wondering the same?


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    Yassine Lagrari

    Hi compatriot,

    For the moment it is not yet possible, we must wait in 2017...

    Click on the link to see the answer

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    Yassine Lagrari
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    Ott Vatter

    Hey guys, 

    Apologies for the late response.

    The bank account opening will be possible in the beginning of 2017, can't give you an exact date just yet, it has unfortunately been delayed by software developments by the banks. 

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    Ott Vatter

    Head of Global Growth 


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    Tried to open the bank account at SEB.

    Received an email that I need to visit the bank personally with documents that prove my connection with Estonia (work, family, study etc). And even after this bank will be deciding to open me an account or not for 10 days.


    I thought e-Residency card will do things simpler. Seems not.


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    Amit Sehgal



    We are now in the mid year 2017. May I please request an update on when would it be possible to open a bank account remotely.


    Thank you

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    fouad mekhzoumi

    hi hello 

    I would like to open account 

    My question
    Is personal presence necessary

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    Hi, any update, still need to face2face?  

    > Starting from the beginning of 2017 it will be possible to open up a bank account online with an e-residency card.

    It's near the end of 2017 now :-(

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    Deniz Akçadoğan

    It's almost 2018 and no news?


    Please don't say Transferwise or Holvi. They lack so many features and have a very limited use.


    Also we should open a personal or business account if we register our company.


    Everything is so simple but why banking is so hard. Asking so many proof, documents and they decide in 10 working business days. If it's positive you revisit the bank and open account.

    After applying and waiting for E residency card, registering a company, getting visa and travel there just to be rejected by a bank would be very frustrating experience.

    It should be a guarantee or pre-approval at least before visiting Talinn. Or a visual chat can be arranged with a bank.

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